About Silicon Gates Software

Silicon Gates Software is an information technology company with a long standing experience but incorporated in 2008 specialized in providing custom software solutions and other software consumable products for a wide spectrum of end users cutting across businesses conglomerates, private and public enterprises, service oriented industries, educational institutions, government parastatal, just to mention a few. Being a solution based outfit, it possesses the capability of handling all aspects and stages of software solutions which include; Systems Analysis, Conducting feasibility analysis, data migration, data analysis, systems design, software architecture, database integration, module development and testing, system integration, software testing etc.

In meeting the needs of prospective clients, Silicon Gates Software is aware of the modern trends and tools in software technology. The outfit has great talented and skillful individuals who use cutting edge software development tools in achieving great results as well as satisfy client’s requirements.

We possess the needed experience in providing solutions in the following areas having delivered solutions covering them:

  1. Mobile Applications: Billing application, Hotel Management Application, Hospital Management Application, School Administration Application, Schedule Management Application, and Human Resource Application etc.
  2. ERP Application Suites – Point of Sale Application, General Accounting Application, Inventory and Stock Management Application, Payroll Application, Human Resource.
  3. Web Applications – Web sites development and Online Transaction systems covering any of the items mentioned above.

Our focus in achieving cooperate objectives is to meet client needs and work assiduously to deploy solutions that satisfy their requirements, this we are committed to do.


Mission Statement

To be a leading software solution provider..